The Camels

Mike and Courtney the Camels

Courtney and Michael the camels in the Lincoln Children’s Zoo

An excerpt from the Lincoln Journal Star article:
What’s new at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo?
April 11, 2011

Two one-hump camels will move into the newly completed camel exhibit. Michael is 7 months old; Courtney is 10 months old. They are named in memory of two Zoo School (Science Focus Program) students, Michael Berg and Courtney Cusick, who were killed in a car accident Jan. 19, 2002, in eastern Colorado. The students were among the first to enroll in Zoo School. Both loved the camels and were known to quip, “we love going to school at a camel lot.” The new camels were purchased with memorial funds for the students.

“The donation of two new camels is a perfect way to celebrate Courtney and Michael’s joy of life and unique personalities,” said John Chapo, the zoo’s executive director.

Camels Courtney and Michael are about the size of a llama now. But they should reach full height — about 7 feet — by the time they are 18 to 22 months old.

The zoo’s new camel area allows visitors of all abilities to get up close and personal and feed them through long tubes. Both camels were hand-raised by a family with young children and are very social.

“Which is part of the reason why we selected them,” Chapo said.

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