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  4. Kevin Shinn says:

    It’s still very clear to me, feeling my phone vibrate in the theatre, stepping out to take the call, and slumping down the wall to the floor as I got the news that Michael and Courtney were killed in a car accident about an hour and a half from where I was. My friend Kerry Knight and I immediately left the theatre, packed up our things in Dillon, CO and drove nervously to Ft Morgan. We were relieved to find Megan awake and alert in the hospital. We visited with her briefly and then gathered a game plan of relaying communication to those back in Lincoln while we waited for the Bergs and Cusicks to arrive.

    It was a journey of grief I did not want but upon which knew I had to embark. I remember thinking that the only way I could even come close to knowing how to offer any kind of authentic condolence was to see it as my child in that crumpled car. Through it Karen and I have found dear friends in the Bergs and Cusicks. It forever changed me, my faith and my perspective on life.

  5. Nancy Hanson (MPB's aunt) says:

    On a cool November day I remember looking out the windows from school. I wasn’t much past 13 and my whole world felt incomplete. Trying hard to finish my school work I was constantly dreaming about the baby my sister and brother-in-law were about to bring into the world November 22. Michael Paul Berg had arrived! I was the aunt! I wanted to run to Casper Wyoming so badly and pick him up and never put him down. He was the first born grandchild in the Wagner family. I would soon begin to call him MPB forever. I felt an instant connection with this little boy and I was always so frustrated I couldn’t live closer to him. He was so perfect…so beautiful. He truly was a gift from Heaven. I would have never imagined that this perfect gift would be taken back so quickly. I really began to ask hard questions to God. Why? I asked God to help me to see why. Over ten years ago he has been slowly showing me why. Today I have the opportunity to look back and to say Wow! The life MPB brought into mine was huge. His radiant smile and and big blue eyes will never be erased from my heart. His compassion for others and his witty humor forever navigate my ship to harbors untold! He was and is the compass to bring the Kingdom ships home. His heart still beats and protects the unknown waters yet to come. You see…Michael is the one who taught me how to pray from the heart. I love you Michael Paul Berg!!!!

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